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 MT. Evans
4 - 6 hr hike with great sleeping locations and a beautiful view of this very calm lake. There is no trail to get here so reading maps and mountains is very important.

Gobi Desert
Ride a camel if you get the chance!
Erdene Zuu Monastery
What ancient energy this place has. Constantly burning incense fills the air, many teachings live here.

Drivers only know the roads here, most of the time they are just tire tracks.

Canyon Lake
My brother Owen

Pont du Gard
1st-Century Roman aqueduct 

City in a castle.
The Flaming Cliffs
Bayanzag, meaning “rich in saxual”(saxual is a water retentive shrub that can be pressed and drunk). Also known as the “Graveyard of Dragons”, these bright red sandy ridges look off into the southern Mongolian desert, near the Gobi. 

Vulture Feather
Gifted to me by a Mongolian nomad named Chojo, who also hosted my family for a few nights somewhere deep in the southern Mongolian step.

Canyon Lake Not a hike for late April. (wait untill the snow is gone)

Incan roots.

Machu Picchu
Looking down from the Top of Machu Picchu
Keepin’ it funky, feelin’ the love.

Mongol Els
Also called, “Little Gobi” This small area has every Mongolian biome in one spot. Just remember to make sure to laugh with your brother/sister.

Shrines to Ovoo
These magic piles of rocks can be found all over the Mongolian step. Built over the years by each individual placing rocks or skulls. I was told by locals that they are shrines to the spirit of gravity or “the force that holds the rocks together”. What magic walking around these three times all over the countryside! 

Peru - Sacred Valley
Deep in the beautiful Andean Mountains 

Calanque de Sugiton
Beautiful nature preserve in Marseille, France.