04/1/2020 11:30:48 PM

Whats the difference? Eye could explain, but you’ll do it for me; Eye tells itself this unwillingly. It’s all curated by us, the together one. A wholesome and ever present amalgamation of every possibility, rooted right here in one single point. we’ll go ahead and call ourselves Anima. The nonbinary and inevitable conjunction between principles of dualism, helplessly in the only spot there could be.

Eye: Should I really make public journal entries?

Anima: Why not?

Eye: Well, it’s just going to be the same thing as it always will be. 

Anima: In it’s own way.

Eye: Hmm, ok.


04/5/2020 7:39:19 PM

Eye took the blue stone out of It’s mouth, and ran with understanding, further into the labyrinth.

Anima: You were greedy.

Eye: I know.

Anima: Does a bird understand water better than a fish?

Eye: Not sure, but it certainly doesn’t feel it as intensely.

Anima: Well, what is a feeling?

Eye: a connection?

Anima: No..

Eye: Then what is it?

Anima: A response, the fish can only talk with the water, it’s unseeable to the fish.

Eye: Why would the fish need to talk to the water?

Anima: Why do humans make art?

Eye: To expand.


04/23/2020 3:18:18 PM

Paitience, silence, a throbbing heart beat, emptiness within everything.

Eye: Why can I not be still?

Anima: You already are, it’s all you have, the only reason you can move at all.

Eye: So why then, do I keep on moving...

Anima: Exactly.


04/26/2020 11:40:12 AM

Eye:  Sometimes I feel a great influential power come through me, it is not my own and feels like an animal.

Anima: We agree, your body has great abilities of transmission.

Eye: Once upon a time I tried to claim it and became sick.

Anima: The bites of food you take, should only fill about half of your mouth.

Eye: So my design is to be partial and efficient? 

Anima: Yes, knowing the total course of this influence is our job, and for you to occasionally witness within this partial nature. Alike strikes of lightning, it keeps the magic alive.

Eye: So being seperate and incomplete is the foundation of the magic?

Anima: Precisely. we exist in symbiosis.


08/3/2020 12:41:31 PM 

It’s only a succession, hereafter and there again. The messege pulls us into an only distancing light and the sickness keeps us reaching outward. Small piles of bones, an offering to the waters calls upon a dance of resurrection, all the while the clowns smile. Fantastic in its crippling nature we lie within the borderlands, stranded by the lights illusion and blissfully confused. 

Anima:  It’s time to turn the wheel once more, a rotation long and patient.

Eye: What of this should I brace myself for?

Anima: Arms can only further tangle, the illusion is, that of which you can only observe through a voided eye.

Eye: Eternally indebted to collect the great Dragon Spirits coins, I will gratefully return the payment into the Ancient Library for records keep.

Anima: Thank you greatly for your participation, for this the labyrinth walks alongside you on your journey down the old red road.